by Don McGreevy

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As one of the founding members of Seattle's Master Musicians of Bukkake, and bassist for Drone-Doom pioneers Earth, multi-intrumentalist and chord-smith Don McGreevy forces us to abscond into a dimension of pastoral pastiche ala instrumental mayhem. Picture this: If John Fahey or Robbie Basho listened to too much early Genesis or Yes, and had serious leanings toward Popol Vuh, Brian Eno, Henryk Gorecki and Giacinto Scelsi. Even modern totalist school minimalists like Glenn Branca rear their ugly heads periodically on Aichmophobia. Its a record written and recorded with acoustic 6 and 12 string guitars as the primary instruments. Slung with badoliers of synths, bolstered by mellotrons and fuzzy electric guitars, we're definitely in the seat of a soothing, yet relatively unexpected sojourn of chords, textures and finger-picked Appalachian goodness. There's even a glockenspiel in there somewheres, too. Its a nice, heady listen. It whisks the listener away into the the high, icy clouds allowing the observer to behold the earth in all its glorious, dark and melancholic spleandor; It's modalities move and shake slowly below. Sure to lull one past the confines of ordinary listening pleasures, strap on your best headphones, let go, and enjoy the journey.

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Features amazing design, layout and illustrations by Simon Fowler (


released November 12, 2014

Aichmophobia, [īk-mō-fō′bē-ă] (Term): 1. the abnormal, morbid fear of sharp objects such as pencils, needles, and knives.

1. Annoyances Ala Satie
2. Aichmophobiac
3. Pins
4. Hidden Obscene Permissions
5. Adagio Telefontornet
6. The Hydraulics of Money / Knife Fight

Written, arranged and performed by Don McGreevy for six and twelve string electric and acoustic guitars (course tuned and otherwise), amplifiers, bass, Mellotron, Roland JX-3P, Hammond B-3, Rhodes Piano, and percussives.

Recorded by DM, Skerik, and Randall Dunn at Swami Sounds and Avast, respectively, 2013-2014. Additional engineering for Annoyances Ala Satie by Mel Dettmer at Aleph 2010. Hidden Obscene Permissions contains excerpts of 4-track recordings from approximately 1998.

Mixed by Randall Dunn at Avast (Studio B) November 2014

Cover concept by DM with illustrations, text, and layout by Simon Fowler (

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Don McGreevy Seattle, Washington

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